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It doesn’t hurt to once in a blue moon pick up a sun sign astrology book out there in popular culture and find out what is being peddled to those with enough idle curiosity to read about their sun sign. In Astrology for Happiness and Success, Mecca Woods, a New York based astrologer, has put together an attractive, easily digestible summary of how people of each sun sign can improve their relationships, career, and health through affirmations, awareness, and self direction.

To improve relationships, for example, a Cancer should daily affirm that “Love is always available to me, with or without a partner.” An Aries can “wow” potential partners by wearing red, bright orange or hot pink. A Capricorn should recognize that they are drawn to those they can respect and trust and should settle for nothing less. When Librans are faced with a breakup, they must “reclaim their identity” to get over heartbreak.

Careers can get moving for Aquarians if they journal on turning the problems they face into “opportunities for growth.” A Taurus can find it helpful to daily affirm that “With my dedication and perseverance, I can do anything I put my energy into.” Leos faced with career setbacks should avoid social media, which spotlights only the successful aspects of others’ lives, and focus on their own self worth by reminding themselves of what they have accomplished so far. Scorpios go at life with everything they’ve got so should choose a career path which ignites their energy and drive.

Sagittarians may enhance their wellness by picking up the archer’s metaphorical bow and arrow and following their desire and curiosity into an adventure or exploration. Pisces suns can become too drawn into the toxicity of the environment or people around them, and so should practice setting up an invisible barrier around themselves, filled with bright white light. A Gemini can find it beneficial to take a class in some “hands on” activity which stimulates the mind and prevents the anxiety which comes from over thinking. Virgos can experience less anxiety and more productive, grounded work if they decorate their workspace in shades of blue or light purple, and they sleep better in bedrooms with white or neutral shades.

This book came to my attention through a favorite podcast, By the Book. Kristen Meinzer and Jolenta Greenberg, two very entertaining and yet earnestly evolving ladies, read a self help book, live by it for two weeks, and then report on whether or not the book improved their lives. In covering Astrology for Happiness and Success, they treated the topic of astrology as kind of a romp, rather “silly,” with Jolenta a bit of an embracer but Kristen not at all. While they had quite a few chuckles as they used the affirmations and followed the advice for their sun signs – it was especially hilarious hearing Kristen and her husband read the Capricorn affirmation “My partner fills up my heart as well as my bank account” – they did find some assistance from the book in dealing with life problems. Jolenta understood it was ok to draw boundaries between herself and her divorcing parents who were leaning too much on her, and when she was sick, she followed the suggestion to indulge in a pleasurable sensory activity, which, or all things, led to her husband washing her hair. Kristen journaled on the career goals to seek out more hosting opportunities and build her network, and by the end of the two weeks, she was given opportunities which had her firmly on this path.

If you would like to listen to this podcast, click on this link: . I cannot overstate what a delight these ladies are.

Of course, in their lighthearted dismissal of this book as too general and only vaguely helpful, they do not do much to advance the acceptance of astrology – but then again, neither does this book. We know that the sun sign is only one piece of the puzzle in chart analysis, and as Jolenta’s husband pointed out, we tend to read the parts of the descriptions which apply to us and ignore the rest. While the author picks up on the sensitivity of a Cancer or Pisces or the intensity of a Scorpio or the fair-mindedness of a Libra in framing her explanations, it is fair to say that the advice given to each sign in this book could just as well be offered to other signs. I feel rather wistful that such a frail missive has been launched into the mass public and wish that someone could better carry the message our into our culture that the gift of astrology is a powerful tool to raise our consciousness, better understand others, and guide us towards a meaningful and purposeful life.

There is no saying, however, into whose hands this book may fall. My journey in astrology began when I was 14. My good friend Terri Zink and I picked up these little pocket books on our sun signs in a drug store in Normal, Illinois. A spark was lit and we have been devoted students of astrology in all the decades since. Maybe there is enough of a tease about the sun signs in Astrology for Happiness and Success to tempt potential great and gifted astrologers to explore the subject further and delve into astrology’s magical symbols and gifts.


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