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At Her Peak: Kamala Harris and Zodiacal Releasing

In Hellenistic Astrology, Chris Brennan describes zodiacal releasing as “one of the most remarkable” techniques uncovered from ancient texts. With this technique, the life is divided into chapters according to topic (career, health, love, etc.) which have periods which are preparatory, then “peak,” and finally ending, or declining. It is almost as if one goes up a mountain, dwells at the mountaintop in peak periods, and then goes down the mountain in the declining phase. Each of these chapters is guided by one of the planets, depending on the sign of the chapter. A Venus chapter lasts 8 years, Jupiter 12 years, Mars 15 years, the Sun 19 years, Mercury 20 years, the Moon 25 years, Saturn in Capricorn 27 years, and Saturn in Aquarius 30 years.

For career, or what Chris Brennan calls “overall life direction,” we begin by releasing from the sign of the Part of Spirit. Kamala Harris, for example, began life in a Capricorn releasing period of 27 years, and in 1991 began a new chapter in an Aquarian period lasting 30 years. To determine when she will reach a peak period, we look to her Part of Fortune in Sagittarius. This indicates that her most active and impactful releasing periods are in Sagittarius, or in signs square or in opposition to the Part of Fortune in Sagittarius – in other words, in mutable signs. Releasing periods in Virgo will be particularly dynamic because Virgo is the 10th house from the Part of Fortune, giving it more power.

So while her Capricorn period was less active, Kamala’s career began to take on steam in 1990, when she began a preparatory period in Aquarius. This was the time she began her career in the Alameda County, California, district attorney’s office and was considered to be a rising star. That this would be a time of many trials is indicated by the presence of Saturn, the malefic of sect in her chart, in Aquarius. Mars is also in Leo, opposite her Aquarius house. Success during this time is also suggested because the benefic Jupiter in Taurus is in square to Aquarius. Her rise was steady, and yet, true to Saturn in Aquarius, Kamala lost big in her attempt to win the nomination for president from the Democratic party in early 2020.

But something else was waiting in the wings. By the end of 2020, Kamala’s new chapter began, this time in Pisces, one of her peak periods. From December 25, 2020, through October 23, 2032, Kamala will be in a peak period as the Part of Spirit is releasing into Pisces, Kamala’s 10th house of career, and the place of her Midheaven. These years promise to be the most active and impactful of her professional life. Jupiter, the guiding planet for this period, also rules her 10th house, and Venus, her benefic of sect, is connected by opposition in Virgo.

This technique, however, not only divides our lives into chapters, but also into subchapters, paragraphs, and sentences. These “subperiods” follow the same pattern, but for shorter periods of time. In January of 2020, when she was sworn in as Vice President, Kamala was in a peak period in Level 2 and in Level 3 – all were releasing into her Pisces 10th house.

So, we ask, can we use this technique to predict the future for Kamala Harris’s career? We know that she is in a long peak period until October 23, 2032. If we look at the Level 2 subperiods, we see that she will be in a peak subperiod in Gemini from November 10, 2023, until July 2, 2025. Her Part of Spirit is releasing into her first house and is guided by Mercury, her chart ruler. This does suggest this will be a very active time for her professionally and possibly that she will be engaged in another campaign for Vice-President? President?

The most exciting subperiod Kamala Harris can anticipate, though, are the years from February 11, 2029, until October 4, 2030. Her Part of Spirit is releasing into Virgo, where her benefic of sect, Venus, resides. And Virgo is the 10th house from her Part of Fortune, giving this time extra power. Could these possibly be the first months of the administration of President Kamala Harris?


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