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Beyoncé and Her Venusian Superpower

While we typically see Venus in our charts as an indicator of what we love, enjoy, and attract, and how we relate to others, Howard Sasportas in The Inner Planets tells us that we need to look deeper into the value a well-developed Venus can bring to our lives. A psychological astrologer, Howard Sasportas taught astrology as a means to grow as humans and make our lives better. Too many of us settle for less than what we want or value – or we never take the deep dive into ourselves to find what truly lights up our spirit. Living in cultures with strong mores, we also can find ourselves conforming to what the mass public find beautiful or interesting or even fun. Studying Venus in our charts – its sign, house placement, and aspects to it – will help us to find what we authentically love and value. Following the path Venus lays out, then, is a key to living our most joyful life.

When I think of someone with a powerfully placed Venus who lives her life fully by what she loves and admires, I think of the singer and performer Beyoncé. Steeped in many varying musical traditions since she was very young, Beyoncé celebrates the musicians she loves in her own performances and then draws on her own powerful talent to create her own show-stopping music and dance numbers. If we look at Beyoncé’s chart, we see that she was graced with Venus in its own sign of Libra – the mark of an artist. While we do not know Beyoncé’s birth time and so the house placement of this Venus, we do know that this Venus on the day of Beyoncé’s birth was part of a shimmering stellium. Venus is in command of Mercury, bringing a loveliness and creativity to one’s ability to put together language. Venus also is the ruler of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in 1981, granting the ability to envision (Jupiter) and to manifest (Saturn). Saturn in Libra is also exalted, with the power to bring fairness and balance and harmony to light. Finally, Venus is conjoined with Pluto in Libra, give Beyoncé’s work depth and power – and the ability to touch the masses.

How do you spend your free hours? What do you enjoy watching, reading, listening to, and experiencing? When did you last feel true joy? Tune into your chart’s Venus to see if you are going through the motions, in a rut, or feeling like your life if missing some essential pieces. Then, what steps can you take to rediscover the experiences which make your heart sing?


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