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Beyonce: A Virgo Shining Brightly

If we need a root canal, or our shrubbery landscaped, a spreadsheet finessed, or a meal cooked simply with the best of ingredients, we would tend to gravitate towards a Virgo. This sign has the reputation of “worthy, but dull.” Steven Forrest, however, in The Book of Earth: Making It Real, places Virgo in the chain reaction which begins with Taurus sensing something beautiful to be born into the world, and ends with Capricorn creating a great work based on this vision. In between is Virgo, the craftsperson who humbly learns and executes the real-life skills needed to manifest this great work.

On a deeper level, Forrest writes that Virgo is about “lineage,” that human instinct to learn from the earlier generations, add a twist of our own, and then teach this process to succeeding generations. Otherwise, we would have to reinvent the wheel every 30 years or so, and progress would not even be a concept in our lives – and civilization would never have been born. “Lineage is the life-giving spiritual oxygen in the bloodstream of the human race,” Forrest writes. “To participate in lineage is one of the most exciting avenues in life that I can imagine.” Virgos are born to find where their skills lie, to discover teachers who can help them grow their talents, and finally to express and then pass on their finely honed gifts to others.

In seeking out a Virgo who is a shining light in our culture today, I thought of Beyonce, who at first glance does not express as a Virgo. We see the hard work, of course, and the care she takes of her body. But we mostly see that gorgeous Libra stellium, with Venus in its own domicile and Saturn in exaltation. We see the incredibly disciplined artist, who, with Neptune supporting the stellium by sextile, expresses music and dance which seem to descend from the spheres. We also see the showstopper in her Mars in Leo conjoined with the North Node, and the electricity she projects to her audience with the Moon conjunct Uranus.

That Virgo Sun, however, shines alone. How does she express the wisdom of the craftsperson, the respecter of lineage? Beyonce makes very clear that she stands on the shoulder of music giants. She credits seeing the Michael Jackson perform when she was five as the impetus for her desire to become a musician and performer. She cites Diana Ross, Josephine Baker, Tina Turner, Whitney Houston, and Madonna and Mariah Carey as inspirations, projecting the female empowerment she sensed in them. She draws richly from pop traditions, from R&B, hip hop, and even disco in her most recent album “Renaissance.”

Beyonce, building on her inspirations, has created her own style which is described as a staccato rap-singing which has changed how pop, R&B, and hip hop are performed today. She has also created such dynamic and beautifully integrated albums that audiences are returning to purchasing albums in the era of streaming music. Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Ariana Grande, Lizzo, Adele, and even Paul McCartney and Garth Brooks claim they are inspired by and learn from Beyonce’s performances. The pupil has indeed become the teacher, which is the evolutionary path for those with Virgo energy. We improve upon what we are given, Forrest tells us, and then pass it on to others so they can take it to the next level. “The flame itself is more important than the egos of those who briefly carry it. Bless the ones who do carry it and preserve it – and twice bless the ones who add something to it and make it burn more brightly in healing service to this dark world.”


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