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China's Planets in Transit

An interesting set of transits to explore are those to the mundane chart of the Peoples’ Republic of China, “born” on October 1, 1949. The Aquarian Ascendant conjoined Moon tells us of China’s fixed identity to move away from their agrarian past and towards an industrialized future. The need to dominate and control in relationships is seen in the Mars conjoined with Pluto in the seventh house. Their “ideal” philosophy of communism, rule of the people with the greatest good for all, indicated by the Sun-Mercury-Neptune stellium in the ninth house, is in sharp conflict with Uranus in Cancer in the sixth house – trampling on the individual liberties of the common people. Venus in Scorpio, very needy in its detriment, meets the Midheaven, showing the smiling public faces of China’s leaders who are secretly lining their pockets and manipulating their populace.

China has been at the center of the biggest story of our new decade. In January of 2020, the Saturn-Pluto conjunction perfected at 22 degrees of Capricorn, exactly on China’s twelfth house Capricorn Jupiter. Something unseen and unanticipated was being awakened in this hidden house, something big. In Planets in Transit, Robert Hand writes that Saturn meeting Jupiter can be “the ultimate wet blanket, turning optimism to pessimism,” and Pluto conjunct Jupiter can indicate trouble with authorities, losing to forces stronger than your own will. The novel coronavirus emerged at this time, rooted, it is thought, at a meat market in Wuhan City, and it defied all efforts of the powerful Chinese government to contain it. The exuberant economy came to a halt, and the virus spread world-wide.

As Saturn moved into Aquarius, it met up with Jupiter at the chart’s Ascendant, and conjoined the Moon. The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction began a new 20-year cycle, which tells us that China will be of growing importance on the world stage throughout the next two decades. Saturn on the Moon also reflects the draconian measures taken by the Chinese government to lock down its people to prevent further spread of the virus. The Moon, Robert Hand writes, symbolizes our need for nurturing and feeling connected to others. Saturn transiting the Moon, then, can lead to a period of loneliness and depression. Widespread mental health problems developed in China as its people suffered through numerous lockdowns as Saturn transited Aquarius.

Saturn was also in square to Uranus in Taurus, in the fourth house of the people and their personal lives. Rebellion grew through the time of the square, and culminated in violent protests following the deaths of 10 people who burned to death in a house fire because rescue workers could not reach them due to the lockdown. The North Node lunar eclipse in Taurus in November highlighted the rebellion. With the South Node transiting the tenth house Venus and Midheaven, the leaders were forced to relinquish their control and recognize the peoples’ need for liberty of at least movement and ability to connect with others.

The big picture meet-up of Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces in China’s second house this past year fell in opposition to their eighth house Saturn in Virgo. Their once unstoppable expanding economy hit a standstill as the world’s economies were rocked by the pandemic and lockdown. Hand writes that Neptune in opposition to Saturn means “some aspect of your reality will be severely challenged in such a way that you will not know for a time what is real and what is not.” China has believed throughout this year that it can control not just its people and economy, but the coronavirus itself. Jupiter conjoining Neptune emphasized the lesson of this time that even the most powerful and wealthiest countries in the world must bow to the strength of the forces of nature on our planet.

And what does the future hold for China? The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction on China’s Ascendant and Moon promised an impactful two decades, and Pluto crossing this point from 2023-2025, Hand tells us, could lead to “a tremendous power drive.” If one chooses to look within and reform during this transit, a positive purpose can emerge. Otherwise, the blind grab for control of everything can lead to one manifesting someone from outside “who will act with even power and violence towards you.” The Saturn-Neptune conjunction is Aries forming in the later part of this decade will challenge China’s Libra Stellium which square the Cancer Uranus – and that this will be a fateful time is reinforced by the passage of Saturn and Neptune over the Lunar Nodes. Pluto will also eventually oppose itself – and Mars – in the seventh house of open enemies, and it will square the Scorpio Venus-Midheaven conjunction, suggesting major transition for the leadership.

But that is – maybe – then. For now, #prayforpeace


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