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Christopher Reeve, Libra, and the Path to Superpowers

The evolutionary path of a Libra, Steven Forrest tells us in The Book of Air, continues with the theme of connecting our minds with the world around us. Instead of buzzing about asking questions as Geminis are wont to do, Librans connect with others, build partnerships, and compare notes. You can draw your faith and sense of purpose from a lifelong adherence to the Christian religion, which seems to be “the Truth.” But then you have a long conversation with a devoted Muslim and learn he derives the same faith and sense of purpose from an alternate “Truth.” How do we deal with the paradox of competing visions of Absolute Truth?

Paradox is at the heart of the Libran’s journey. Libra’s balancing scales symbolize the need to weigh both sides and find a space which encompasses both realities. And in doing so, we expand our perception and ability to function effectively in the objective world. The Libra’s connection to art is another mind-expanding path, as is the Libra’s famous reluctance to decide. Not closing the door opens our minds to the role of paradox in our lives. The most disagreeable co-worker could be the one who comes through when you have broken your leg and need a ride to work for six weeks. You grow up in a culture steeped with materialism, believing that our comforts make us happy. Then you visit a “poor” country, where people dwelling in crowded little homes with no luxuries radiate much if not more happiness that your fellow suburban dwellers. Yet you like and really appreciate your stuff. Paradox again. We meet them every day.

And what is more paradoxical than Superman in a wheelchair? Actor Christopher Reeve portrayed Superman in four films, admirably displaying his Venus-ruled Libra planets as he picturesquely fought for “truth, justice, and the American Way.” He was pleasant, handsome, and also an artist, a trained concert pianist. With the Sun in the 3rd house, an “air house,” he sought out a variety of roles just as Morgan Freeman had, and even became a private pilot and loved soaring over the English countryside in his small plane. He also embraced the paradoxical nature of the Superman character, both bumbling and uncertain of himself as Clark Kent, and then powerfully assured as the Man of Steel. He could have passed his life uneventfully as a popular actor, but that 12th house Uranus in square to Christopher Reeve’s Libra planets indicates otherwise.

With the Moon in Sagittarius in his 5th house of pleasures, Christopher developed a love for horseback riding, and with Mars in conjunction, he enjoyed equestrian competitions. In 1995, he was thrown from his horse during a competition, and landed on his head, breaking his neck. For the rest of his life, he would be paralyzed from the neck down and reliant on a ventilator to breathe. He underwent a powerful mental struggle for the next few years as he faced the paradox of living in a body that could not give him the life he knew, and yet he was still the same person, with people who loved and depended on him. He eventually accepted the challenge to live a full, rewarding life as a disabled human being.

Forrest tells us the evolutionary path for those with a 3rd house Sun is to find our voice. The pleasant, rather pampered actor Christopher Reeve transformed into a heroic spokesperson for the rights of the disabled, and for the need for further research on spinal chord injuries. He became a beacon of hope as he wrote books, spoke to audiences around the world, and even continued to act and perform.

And true to his Libra path, he did not do this alone. His wife, Dana, was the first to say to him after he realized the extent of his injuries, “You are still you,” giving him the mantra that would carry him through the dark days following his injury. They became partners in the quest for increased research into spinal chord injuries and for better treatment and therapies for those who have been dealt this blow. They formed the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, still very much in effect today, many years after both the founders have passed away.

Libra planets, then, are here to do more than simply look pretty. Following their lead can help us crack open the shell around our egos and open our hearts to the amazingly complex wonder of human existence.


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