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Demi Moore and A Scorpio's Way Back from Annihilation

After immersing ourselves in Cancerian feelings to begin the healing process, Steven Forrest writes that the Scorpio part of the journey requires us to honestly confront the darkness and pain we have experienced. Scorpio demands “the brave, honest contemplation of the raw reality of life and of our absolute, ultimate vulnerability within it.” How have we been wounded? What responsibility do we carry? Who else was responsible? What was their motivation and where is their wound? How can we go on after enormous loss? What taboos are we hiding? Facing the truth of our woundedness, Forrest tells us, as hard as it is, leads us towards the greater understanding and forgiveness of others and ourselves.

I looked to another actress who has written a very honest memoir about her emotional life, this time from the perspective of someone with four planets in Scorpio. Demi Moore was one of the most beautiful and successful actresses in the world, and seemed to enjoy all the blessings of existence – a family, marriages to not one but two handsome leading men, wealth, and the freedom to chart the course of her career. But by 2012, she writes in her memoir Inside Out, she had nothing. Her marriages had failed, her children were not speaking to her, her career was stalled, her health was precarious, and she was living in what was once their family home absolutely alone. She then honestly and with no sugarcoating describes the darkness that brought her to rock bottom, and she details her struggle to regain her life and to mend the fractured relationships with her loved ones.

Demi grew up in chaos, forced to eventually be a mother to her mother, who struggled with mental illness. She lost the security of a childhood, which left her with a feeling that if only she could work or try hard enough, she could then earn the right to exist. Even after her career success and the birth of her children, she carried that sense of inner unworthiness that would come to the fore once she and Ashton Kutcher became a couple. A powerful woman of 40, she would eventually give up everything to try to please and be “worthy” of her 25-year-old husband. She had been sober for 20 years when she met Ashton, but lost her sobriety so she could be the cool hip party girl she thought he wanted. She chose Ashton over her children, and her daughters eventually turned away from the wreck that had once been their stable, powerful mother.

Demi Moore writes that it was only after she lost everything that she could finally confront herself. She went into treatment, but even after that had to work for three long years before she had rebuilt herself enough to regain the trust of her family. It took Scorpion honesty and a willingness to confront the darkness within herself. We see that Mars in Leo in Demi’s 6th house ruling and in square to her Scorpio planets, indicating the hard work she had to endure to reconnect with those she loved most deeply.

The Pisces Rising with Jupiter in the 1st house also point toward the other role of water in the healing process. By exercising her Jupiterian faith that life could improve and her Piscean willingness to forgive and surrender to the greater spirit of the Universe, Demi Moore found her way to believing that she has the right to be here, and that she can trust the path that leads from pain to enlightenment.


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