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Dolly Parton's North Node in Gemini and a Mission for Literacy

With a North Node in Gemini and a South Node in Sagittarius, you are invited to follow your curiosity and learn something about everything you encounter and everyone you meet. With a Sagittarius South Node, Ronngren suggests you would have inhaled strong beliefs from your family and community which you carry through life. The challenge is, though, to expand beyond those boundaries and inhabit a wider life of beliefs, with an openness to other points of view.

Dolly Parton grew up in a deeply religious family and community in the mountains of Tennessee. This background implanted a faith within her which she has carried throughout her life and career. However, her path as an international superstar has brought her face-to-face with multitudes of those of other faiths and values, and she has built strong relationships with her fans through her music, kindness, and interest in every human story. And to carry the Gemini theme further, Dolly Parton’s father had never learned to read, so Dolly has dedicated herself to building The Imagination Library, which provides free books to children. No child, she believes, should grow up without the opportunity to learn through books the wonders of our world and its people.


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