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Gemini, Morgan Freeman, and the Voice of God

In The Book of Air: The Art of Paying Attention, Steven Forrest tells us that the air element is here to help us to connect mentally with the world around us. Being human means that we each live in our own thoughts, feelings, opinions, and impressions – and yet we have to negotiate a world which is functioning independently of us. In the air signs, we learn to hone our perception of the objective reality we swim in.

In Gemini, perception is the key, understanding life objectively, without the filter of our beliefs or desires. Asking questions and the constant curiosity exhibited by Geminis helps them to expand their world, and gives them something to think about – and eventually communicate to others.

Libra planets seek relationships with others – and, being in an air sign, they learn to share notes with others. In dialogue, two people bring their unique impressions together to create a new understanding they could not have reached alone.

Aquarius, though, the collective air sign, indicates an energy which is immersed in the ideas, belief, communications, and expressions of the zeitgeist. It is the job of Aquarians to individuate and separate their true beliefs from the conventional wisdom expressed by the culture around them.

Beginning with the chart of a well-known Gemini, I thought about the voice of Morgan Freeman, known world-wide for many decades. While the gravity of his voice reflects his first house Saturn, and his chart’s ruler, Mars in Scorpio, conveys immense power, what stands out is the variability of his voice throughout the many diverse roles he has played. The words Morgan Freeman speaks can be menacing and evil, or loving and tender, or humorous and ironic, or grave and instructive. Like a good Gemini, he has sidestepped the temptation to play just one kind of character and has stepped into the roles of villains or strong leaders or poor folks or wealthy benefactors – and he has even portrayed the voice of God. What better way to sharpen one’s perception than to step into the shoes of another? And true to his Gemini instincts, Morgan Freeman credits his success as an actor with his ability to listen carefully in scenes, believing hearing what the other character is saying is critical to creating the realism audiences respond to.

The Gemini passion to learn and then instruct is at the heart of Morgan Freeman’s work with documentaries. Topics he has explored include space, the plight of Jewish refugees, slavery, the history of God, and the wonders of nature – including a masterful narration of The March of the Penguins. We can’t forget, too, that he made his career initially on The Electric Company, an educational PBS show for children.

Geminis thrive as life-long learners. At the age of 65, Morgan Freeman got his private pilot’s license and flies his own small airplanes. He has opened his own jazz club and restaurant in his hometown of Clarksdale, Mississippi, and he developed a production company. He also relishes the task of widely researching the roles he plays or the documentaries he narrates. The liveliness of Morgan Freeman’s mind is evident in his response to the questions whether he believes in God. "It's a hard question because as I said at the start, I think we invented God. So if I believe in God, and I do, it's because I think I'm God,” Freeman told the interviewer.


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