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How's the Weather this Year?

Do you ever have something significant happen in your life, but the transiting planets in your chart do not track with the event? Frank Clifford tells us that understanding the solar arc directions in our chart gives us a more complete picture of how the events unfolding in our life are contributing to the growth and development indicated by our natal chart. By moving each planet and angle forward approximately one degree per year, we see how the energy they represent is evolving through encountering specific challenges or needs to pivot. While the solar arc directions do not give us exact predictions of events which will occur in a given year, they do tell us about the “weather” of that year.

Is solar arc Saturn conjoining your natal Moon? Then you may experience limits, restrictions, frustrations and lessons around your emotional responses, daily rituals, your mother or your home during this year. And the key is, for just one year. This aspect is in effect from the time the solar arc directed planet is within 30’ of an exact hit to the planet or angle. We can see the significance of our year, then, by noting the number of solar arc directed planets impacting our natal planets and angles by conjunction, square or opposition.


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