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Is There a Planet in the House?

Understanding each of our planets in their signs is further enhanced when they are placed in the houses of our chart, showing us how the planet affects particular topics in our lives – and how those topics affect the expression of the planet. Turning to the third of the terrific trio of stars in “9-5,” Jane Fonda, we see that Mercury in her 1st house of self and personality indicates she must communicate her most authentic thoughts to be who she needs to be in the world. Jupiter in the 2nd house of money and finance reveals the great wealth she has accumulated, but Mars in this house tells us it is crucial to her own self-respect that she earns her own money. Saturn brings its trials and lessons to her 3rd house of communication, and we know that she has faced great obstacles and unpopularity from expressing opinions which were not popular at the time.

Electric Uranus in Jane Fonda’s 5th house of creativity and children shows us her genius for reinventing herself through many varied creative projects and businesses. Chiron in her 6th house of health and well-being shows her work as an exercise instructor, as a writer of self-help books, and as a social justice advocate. Pluto in Jane’s 7th house of relationships describes her power struggles in marriages with three different controlling and domineering men – and the transformation she experienced through each marriage. Her sensitive Moon in the 8th house of intimacy and shared resources tells us of her deep emotional commitment in relationships and her willingness to put aside her own needs to serve her partner.

Neptune in the 9th house of quest and adventure – and prophesy – indicates someone who can intuit future trends, which could explain Jane’s enduring fame over seven decades. With her Sun and Venus in her 12th house of service and sacrifice, we can understand Jane Fonda’s lifelong activism, fulfilling the life purpose of her Sun and pouring the enjoyment and connections of Venus into her causes. Carol Taylor also writes that a 12th house Sun gives one the ability to shift into many characters, making this a good position for an actor!


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