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"Is this the party to whom I am speaking?"

Carole Taylor teaches the planets by equating them with certain drives within each of us. Their signs and placements within the chart color their expression and create a unique pattern for each individual. We can apply Carole Taylor’s system for planetary analysis by using the chart of Dolly Parton’s “9 to 5” co-star, Lily Tomlin.

The Sun is Lily’s purpose, vitality, and inner light, which, in the sign of Virgo, indicates someone who is dedicated to honing a craft or skill, and to being of practical service. The Moon, Lily’s physical, emotional, and instinctual being, gives her impatience, independence, and a desire to be first. The language and communication planet of Mercury in the performer’s sign of Leo gives Lily the power to command and hold an audience. What she enjoys in life and the ways she connects to others is shown by Venus, which is also in the sign of Virgo. This shows us Lily’s love for honing her craft as an actor and comedian, and it tells us she modestly seeks to serve those she loves. Mars, her action and daring planet, in the ambitious sign of Capricorn gives her the willingness to work and wait for opportunity, and to patiently make her way to the top of her profession.

Abundance, opportunities and her greatest blessings are demonstrated by the planet Jupiter. In Aries along with her Moon, Jupiter indicates Lily has an unlimited capacity to envision new paths and then embark upon them with trailblazing enthusiasm. The limitations, lessons, and responsibilities of Saturn find Lily through the sign of Taurus, giving her a strong need for physical security and the ability to sacrifice patiently until she has garnered all the necessities she requires. The generational planet of Uranus also in Taurus tells us that Lily’s age group knew the Depression as children and so are committed to ensuring that they and others can live a life free from want. As part of the Neptune in Virgo generation, Lily also learned early the value of having a job and will work tirelessly all her life. And, as an early member of the Pluto in Leo generation, Lily brings a joy for life into performing, with the realization that humor and entertainment lighten the load of all of us as we work our way through a very serious world.

Carole Taylor also includes a description of Chiron, not really a planet but something in our chart which represents “our desire to heal and make whole, and can indicate aspects of our life where we have been wounded.” Lily Tomlin, born with Chiron in Cancer, is part of a group that may feel they do not belong in the family where they were born. Lily Tomlin has stated in interviews that while she loved her mother dearly, she never felt her mother would understand or accept that she is gay and so did not come out publicly until after her mother had died.


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