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Jane Fonda and Her Activist North Node in Sagittarius

When you are born with the North Node in Sagittarius and the South Node in Gemini, Diane Ronngren writes that “You develop a lot of practical skills but don’t necessarily appreciate them because your soul is striving to attain philosophical and esoteric understanding.” Your early like may have been busy, with many activities and interesting explorations. You would have been encouraged to be curious, but not much interest would be shown in your opinions or your attempts to explore life’s unanswered questions. Following the path of the North Node, then, is to let go of all of life’s distractions and focus on pursuing those topics which excite you – and finding forums for sharing your discoveries with others.

Jane Fonda exemplifies this nodal path brilliantly. Born into a show business family, she inherited her father’s talent and charisma. She easily found a place as a movie star, and also succeeded as a fitness guru and a business woman. Everything she turned her hand to, she did well. But she was not content to be rich and famous. She from an early age has been an activist, deeply committed to righting wrongs in this world. She nearly lost her career by publicly opposing the Viet Nam War, taking a stand that would later prove to be well-founded and embraced by the majority of the country. Decades ago, she used her star power to demand diversity in the people hired to work with her on set. Today, she takes time off from her filming schedule to protest the cause agents of climate change and income inequality – and even will go to jail on occasion. The last protest she attended was held in a drag club, supporting a much-maligned population. Jane Fonda considers activism to be her primary role.


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