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John Lennon Getting By With a Little Help From his Libra North Node

If you were born with the North Node in Libra, Diane Ronngren writes your path is to “admit to yourself that you need the approval of others as you pursue the opportunities life offers you.” While the Aries South Node indicates you learned very early in life to be independent of others, life has a way of teaching you that we flourish in partnerships where the support is mutual. You seek that partner who can face life’s challenges with you.

A strong example of a Libra North Node journey was taken by Beatle John Lennon. Due to the dysfunction of his parents’ marriage, John was left in the care of other family members, so he learned early on to fend for himself. Angry and troubled, John found an outlet in music, and as a teenager, he met Paul McCartney, and the rest is music history. Much of the Beatles’ genius and success can be attributed to the collaboration of John and Paul. Another relationship would transform John’s life. Disillusioned and a bit shell-shocked after riding the wave of Beatlemania, John found in Yoko Ono someone who guided him towards social activism and brought new meaning and purpose to his art. While the relationship with Yoko Ono is to this day considered to be one of the death knells to the Beatles, we cannot deny that John followed the imperative of the Libra North Node by choosing to follow the career path shaped by his relationship with Yoko.


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