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Matthew Perry and the Tough Path of a Pisces North Node

If you were born with the North Node in Pisces and the South Node in Virgo, Diane Ronngren in Lunar Nodes: Keys to Emotions and Life Experiences explains that your childhood could have been very busy, filled with others’ activities and needs, and you learned to “remain on the sidelines, not attracting attention to yourself or your needs.” Your kept yourself sorted out, ready to do what was expected of you in any situation. Moving away from the demand of the mundane – and the time such tasks require – and towards the spiritual growth your soul craves is the path of the Pisces North Node. Whether it is through artistic expression, empathy for others, or a spiritual connection with what lies beyond, you seek to find a paradise on earth and the opportunity to share your spiritual wisdom with others.

I apologize if this is too soon, but the life of the late Matthew Perry powerfully demonstrates the path one takes to fulfill this nodal axis. Matthew’s parents divorced when he was a baby and both went on to remarry and have other children. Matthew was the child who was shuffled between families, with no one making him the priority of their love or attention. He learned to be funny to get attention, a talent he was able to hone into an acting career. For a time he found joy in his art and the connection with his audience, but a jet ski accident and a prescription for pain-killers in 1997 set him on the long and treacherous road of addiction. Matthew relied on the technical proficiency of his Virgo South Node to keep his career going, all the while struggling towards his Pisces North Node as he over and over went through rehab to overcome his addictions. His 2022 memoir details the surrender sobriety required, and the empathy given to him in his recovery – and the empathy he learned to give to others who came to him for help. He would later express a fervent wish that he be remembered not as Chandler Bing on Friends, but as someone who committed his life to helping others in their battle to become sober.


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