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Michael B. Jordan and His Aries North Node

In her book The Lunar Nodes: Keys to Emotions and Life Experiences, astrologer Diane Ronngren guides us through the energies represented by the North and South Lunar Nodes in our chart. She likens the Nodes to the hands and arms attached to the Moon in our chart, which touch and gather up experiences to bring to the Moon. This process enriches our emotional growth. From the placement of the South Node by sign and house, we can understand the circumstances of our childhood which have led us to our belief structure and expectations for being in the world. The North Node indicates where we are willing to seek out new opportunities and emerge from our comfort zone to chose the path of personal growth over the path of least resistance.

If you were born with the North Node in Aries, she writes, this emphasizes the need to take bold leaps. This placement challenges you to “be unique, someone who does things your own way (when you decide to do them, without consideration for anyone else or any circumstances which might stop you from doing so!” However, you can be pulled back by the need for love and approval from your loved ones – the Libra South Node – and cannot overlook the importance of enlisting this support before you head off for a risky adventure.

Actor Michael B. Jordan is a dynamic example of someone boldly executing the energy found in his Aries North Node. True to his South Node in Libra, Michael’s childhood laid the groundwork for a career in the arts – his mother was a teacher at the school for the arts he attended and his parents supported his career as a model and then actor from an early age – but he would emerge as an actor to play very Aries-like roles, from the rebellious football player Vince Howard in Friday Night Lights to prizefighter Adonis Creed in the Creed trilogy to Erik Killmonger in the MCU franchise. Jordan is also spearheading projects through his own production company, including a remake of Superman, with Jordan portraying the first black Superman.


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