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Mindy Kaling and the Virgo North Node Project

Born with the North Node in Virgo, you have the imperative to be of service to others, “along with the desire to create regular routines for living, to be organized and to be sensitive to the needs of others.” Diane Ronngren writes in Lunar Nodes: Keys to Emotions and Life Experiences that the South Node in Pisces could suggest that those caring for you in your childhood may have been unable to fulfill their role, and you had to learn to deal with a certain degree of chaos and disfunction. Transcending this upbringing is possible when you seek a practical, problem-solving way of living – and learn to give others a leg up when they are struggling.

Mindy Kaling, born with the North Node in Virgo, has since her early 20’s been one of the hardest working show-runners, writers, and actors in Hollywood. She writes in her memoir that her immigrant parents struggled in their careers and worked and commuted for long hours while she was growing up. She had to learn self-reliance and a strong work ethic early in life, and she was heart-broken when her mother passed away before she could see her daughter achieve success with her own show. “The Mindy Project” would also tell the story of this nodal energy, as Mindy’s character grew from an irresponsible emotional mess to a self-actualized and put-together young doctor – and mother. Today, Mindy is very dedicated to creating her own projects – and opportunities for other talented creators as well.

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