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OJ Simpson and the Peril of Being a Lunar Type in a Solar World

While women are biologically programmed to experience profound lunar shifts in their lives, Donna Cunningham tells us that men, of course, have Moons in their chart as well and can very much be lunar types trying to live in a solar world. In The Moon in Your Life, she writes that pressures are put on men to not only live a solar life – purposeful, disciplined, and success-oriented – but men must also display the qualities of Mars as they compete, assert their wills, and refuse to take no for an answer. This leaves the lunar aspects found in a man’s chart no choice but to go underground, setting the stage for eruptions of anger, stress, and depression. Men commit the majority of violent crimes, more men than women engage in domestic violence, commit suicide, and suffer from depression. Men die younger. Helping men integrate the lunar aspects in their chart into their conscious lives can be the role of a psychological astrologer.

Donna Cunningham used the chart of OJ Simpson as an example of a very lunar male living a solar and very Mars-oriented life. With the Sun, Venus, and Mercury in Cancer hidden in his 12th house, OJ Simpson would have brushed aside his need for the warmth and security of a stable domestic life and focused on his powerful Leo Ascendant to shine his smiling image out to the world. Saturn and Pluto in Leo enhanced his personal power and charisma, and a sextile of Saturn to Mars in Gemini (enhanced by the North Node) exhibits his amazing speed and dexterity as an athlete. This 11th house Mars shows his aggressive pursuit of personal popularity, and Uranus in his 11th house, sextile his Ascendant, guaranteed his vast numbers of fans and supportive friends.

But the Cancer planets received no support from these solar planets, and the Moon ruling his Sun, Mercury, and Venus is alone on the right hemisphere of his chart, in the emotional quicksand of the 8th house. Donna Cunningham writes that this solitary Pisces Moon would give OJ Simpson a deep hunger for his “dream woman,” setting him on a course of life-long womanizing and sexual obsession. He was nearly 30 when he met Nicole Brown, who was then just 18. Their tumultuous relationship is seen in the square of Uranus to this “dream woman” Moon, as Nicole fought back against OJ’s objectifying of her and his relentless unfaithfulness. OJ’s rage towards Nicole erupted erratically and violently (Donna Cunningham writes that Uranus can denote violence and trauma). When Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman were murdered in 1994, Uranus and Neptune conjoined in Capricorn formed an inconjunct with OJ’s Uranus – and they opposed his 12th house Cancerian planets, waking up the deep lunar need for a wife and family he could control.

The price of promoting masculine stereotypes in our world has been devasta

ting to men and women, Donna Cunningham writes, and the remedy is for all of us to pay attention to our lunar hemisphere. We should care for our bodies, reach for a helping friend or family member when life overwhelms, and accept that we are each intrinsically of value and are not our job, bank account, or body type. Supporting men as they learn to meet and integrate their Moons is essential to building a healthier society. “Much has been sacrificed to the great God Mars,” Donna Cunningham tells us. “While that sacrifice may have been required at some points in history – the frontier days or wartime – it is neither necessary nor healthy at this time. It is harmful, not only to the individual, but to all those who have to live or work with him.”


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