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President Zelensky's Planetary Year In Review

If we look at the most impactful aspects of 2022 in our charts, we can see that certain themes apply to our lives in specific areas of our life. We all experience the energies, but they play out differently in our lives.

Time’s Person of the Year, for example, President Zelensky of the Ukraine, has carried an enormous responsibility for the security of his countrymen since the Russian invasion earlier this year. The long-term transit of Pluto in Capricorn, which undermines existing structures, has been traveling through his 8th house of death. In Planets in Transit, Robert Hand writes that the deaths of people around us can cause major transformation within us. From the losses caused by the attacks of the Russian army, Zelensky has been forced to move from being a ceremonial leader to one who is fighting tooth and nail for his country.

Saturn in Aquarius, indicating the demand that we build a more just world for everyone, has been transiting through Zelensky’s 9th house this year, showing the difficult and restrictive pressure put on him by a foreign government, and his efforts to build alliances with the leaders of supportive countries. Hand writes that Saturn traveling through our 9th house can teach us how to skillfully play the game by the rules, giving us a good grasp on what the “real world” is really like. We prepare here for the demands of our public role which we will meet as Saturn enters our 10th house.

This Saturn has been in square to Uranus in Taurus this year, traveling through Zelensky’s 12th house, bring what Hand refers to as “upsets, surprises, and instability.” Also, we encounter the actions of those who are working against our own interests. While Zelensky has struggled to lead from his 9th house Saturn, we can see that Russian forces were constantly on the move against his country, bringing new crises with each incursion.

The long transit of Neptune as been wafting through Zelensky’s 10th house in Pisces since 2012, first bringing him to prominence as an actor playing a president, then as a ceremonial president, and finally as a major actor on the world stage – and Time’s Person of the Year. Neptune here, Hand writes, can give us our life’s purpose or sense of mission, and it could come upon us unexpectedly, through no planning on our own part.

Enhancing his eminence this year, however, has been Jupiter in conjunction with Neptune in Zelensky’s 10th house. Jupiter at the top of our chart, Hand tells us, can bring “promotion at work, public recognition, or esteem from your contemporaries.” Also, prophetically, he writes, “you may have increased dealings with foreign persons!” Jupiter moving into Aries later this month and through the first part of 2023 brings with it some hope as it moves through Zelensky’s 11th house of hopes and wishes for the future. #prayforpeace


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