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Prince and the Power of a Scorpio North Node

Moving towards the Scorpio North Node requires you to claim your unique power. If you were born with the South Node in Taurus, Diane Ronngren writes that you were amply provided for in your childhood – but not necessarily with what you truly need. Your parents may have been more focused on giving you what they themselves wanted as children. The Scorpio North Node path, then, demands you not settle for something because it is offered. “You need to learn to demand, require and project the strength of your will and determination. You need never settle for less than what you want in life.”

The gifted musician Prince was born to a jazz musician father who named him Prince for one of his stage names with the intent that his son would do everything his father had wanted to do himself. Prince rebelled, found his own voice, and went his own way musically, becoming an international pop sensation. Prince’s struggle to claim his own power continued in his battle against Warner Brothers, who contractually controlled the release of Prince’s music. Even though Prince was being paid enormous sums when his albums were released – the Taurus South Node – it was more important to him that his music, his creations were his alone to control. After many battles, Prince eventually won his own masters back from Warner Brothers.


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