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Putin Never Got Over Losing Ukraine

Finally, Frank Clifford advises us to look for what he calls “Shadow Transits,” transits to Solar Arc directed planets which mirror the same transits formed earlier to our natal planets. These Shadow Transits times bring back themes and issues which we experienced during the transits to our natal chart.

For example, in 1990, as the Soviet Union had broken apart and Ukraine became an independent country, Vladimir Putin felt the loss and humiliation of his country. Neptune at that time was in square to his natal Sun, bringing dissolution to his pride and sense of self. Pluto was at the South Bending of the Nodes, with power being drained away due to circumstances beyond his control. Transiting Pluto, seeking power, was in opposition to his natal Jupiter, his beliefs and his vision of the way the world should be.

Today, as Putin is pushing and committing unspeakable acts to dominate Ukraine, these same aspects are forming to Putin’s Solar Arc directed chart, 32 years later. Transiting Neptune is square his Solar Arc Sun, transiting Pluto is at the Solar Arc South Bending of the Nodes, and transiting Pluto is approaching an opposition to his Solar Arc Jupiter. He is acting out all the rage and helplessness and loss of power he felt in 1990.

Frank Clifford particularly directs us to pay attention to our Shadow Saturn Return, which occurs several years after our Saturn Return and completes the process, or brings back issues from that time. This could happen around ages 32, 63, and 95. Queen Elizabeth, for example, experienced her third Saturn Return in 2015, when she was declared England’s longest reigning monarch. Her Saturn Returns are particularly impactful on her career since she has Saturn conjunct the Midheaven natally. Her third Shadow Saturn Return will fall in February of 2023, when transiting Saturn reaches her Solar Arc directed Saturn at 27° of Aquarius. We can imagine this will be a pivotal point in her monarchy and her life.

Studying our Solar Arc directed planets, then, offer us another window into our unfolding growth and development as human beings. Students of astrology owe much to Frank Clifford for this clearly written and well thought out handbook.


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