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Queen Victoria, Uranus, and Neptune

If you arrived on the planet or were already here between the years of 1985-2001, you were present at the dawning of a new era. In Cosmos and Psyche, Richard Tarnas writes that Uranus and Neptune were slowing forming a conjunction during these years (exact from 1992-3), awakening a new way of experiencing the world as the promethean energy of Uranus met the connection to a deeper spiritual reality symbolized by Neptune. Tarnas describes these eras as marked by “pervasive transformations of a culture’s underlying vision.”

These were the years when the people on earth became connected through the World Wide Web, changing how we work, form relationships, manage financial transactions, and gather and process information. We all became wired into the grid during this new “Information Age.” With the fall of communism, the geopolitical map was changed forever, as groups identifying by ethnicity, religion, or political philosophy rose up to challenge nation states. Globalism has become a primary force for progress, which has both its advocates and its sometimes violent detractors. And for those born during this conjunction, their roles will be as prime movers in this radical new age.

If we look back to understand the dawning of the last Uranus-Neptune cycle from 1814-1829, we can see that the world was transformed by the Industrial Revolution. Progress carried human beings forward materialistically, yet it left others behind and vulnerable to predatory colonialism. One person born at this conjunction who came to symbolize and even give her name to this new era was Queen Victoria. We can see the conjunction in Sagittarius in the 7th house of her chart, indicating that her husband, Prince Albert, was a strong advocate of scientific progress. In the moralistic sign of Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter in the 9th house, Queen Victoria emphasized “family values” and created a certain respectability around her reign that those of the growing middle class would admire and emulate. She evolved the role of an absolute monarch into a constitutional monarchy, suggested by the Aquarian Jupiter. The specter of colonialism is reflected in the 10th house Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Pisces, as the oppressive power of her empire crossed the globe – at odds with and in square to the progress and hope for a more just future suggested by the Uranus-Neptune conjunction. It would not be until the waning Uranus-Neptune square of the Mid-20th Century that many of the colonized nations would break free.

So time will tell who will emerge from this “class” of those born as our new era dawned. What visions for a better world, what life enhancing inventions, what amazing works of art and music will they bring to us? This current cycle will peak at the opposition of Uranus and Neptune from 2078-81 when those born at the conjunction are in old age (which may not be what we think of as old age with all the anti-aging technologies we will see developed during this cycle!). The new cycle will begin then 2165, at the Uranus-Neptune conjunction in Aquarius – suggesting that the grandchildren of our Information Age pioneers may be scattered throughout the galaxy.


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