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Selma Blair's Twelfth House Journey

After listening to the Selma Blair podcast of The Celebrity Book Club, I looked up Selma’s astrological chart – and I have been a little haunted by her chart ever since. The chart truly describes a soul straining to survive and thrive in a deeply painful world. When Selma was born, the Sun (her life force), Mercury (her perceptions), and Mars (her will to act) had recently risen and occupy the area of her chart known as the 12th house. Planets here are new born, squinting their eyes against the light after being so long in darkness, and searching for ways to function in an overwhelmingly unfamiliar environment. People with 12th house planets need to develop a sixth sense or a way into their subconscious in order to live their everyday lives – which explains Selma’s many consultations with psychics. Addiction is another signature of a 12th house emphasis, as people attempt to manage their pain by escaping. And, too, the 12th house rules the collective unconscious, giving people a power (of which they may be unaware) to connect with the masses. Selma fairly easily won fame as an actor in movies, having a look that audiences sought in the early 2000’s. But this attraction can also draw negative energy, a nemesis, giving the 12th house its reputation as the place of secret enemies. Chelsea and Ryan in the podcast described Selma’s nemesis, her father’s girlfriend, who plagued Selma in her early movie career.

Adding to Selma’s challenges is a Scorpio Moon placed in the area of her chart ruling her family and childhood, indicating that those who were supposed to nurture her were fighting their own demons and could not give her the care she needed. In fact, her caregivers’ toxicity could have been communicated to her, causing her to internalize a label such as “mean baby.” While this placement suggests a painful childhood, it also gives those with Scorpio Moons the power as adults to face their own demons and heal emotional wounds.

But where is the joy in Selma’s chart? She is, after all, someone who kept going through all her troubles, never gave up on herself, and, according to her memoir, is happy to be where she is today. One indication in her chart is the pleasure she takes in friendship. While there can be disappointments and endings with friends, she maintains a zest for connecting with others and a perpetual interest in others which draws friends to her. She also can learn a great deal from friends. We see, too, longevity in her career, with audiences coming back to her as she evolves and shifts her public persona. And she has a Leo Ascendant, with a desire to shine her light out to others. It took her many years and much heartache to find that light, but she must have always believed it was there.

And, finally, we all have a great boon in our charts, where blessings pour in. For Selma, this boon comes from her health – not good health in her case, but health that requires conscious care. We learn from her memoir that being diagnosed with MS changed her life for the better. She now understands how to take care of herself, how to forgive her past, and how to see her life as a mission to raise awareness of MS and help others. Coming back to Selma’s 12th house planets, we see that those planets are in the sign of Cancer, with an imperative to care for and protect others. It’s the sign of the mother, and motherhood grounded Selma and helped her to heal. It’s often said that the theme of the 12th house is “Serve or Suffer.” For many years, Selma suffered until she learned to nurture and protect her own soul, and then to shine her light while serving others.


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