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Steve Jobs, Jupiter, and Uranus

In Cosmos and Psyche, Richard Tarnas observes that many of the inventions that benefit humanity and bring great leaps forward in science, technology, political activism, and culture occur during the conjunctions and oppositions of Jupiter and Uranus. Although we may not see it at the time, Tarnas tells us that later we will look back on certain years as dynamic turning points in our progress as a species.

Tarnas writes, for example, that “no one during the Jupiter-Uranus opposition of 1976 knew that two young men in a garage in California had begun the personal computer revolution.” He was referring, of course, to Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, who were launching a new company called Apple to market the personal computer designed by Steve Wozniak. And those who are at the vanguard of these revolutions of progress are often born with Jupiter and Uranus in close aspect. We see from Steve Jobs’ chart that Jupiter in its joy in the 11th house and in exaltation in Cancer was conjoined with Uranus, showing that this expansive, innovative energy expresses through friends and groups. He found the perfect partner to light the fuse of innovation in Steve Wozniak, who was born with the Moon in its own sign of Cancer conjunct Venus at 24 degrees of Cancer – exactly conjoined with Steve Jobs’ Uranus.

The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction leaps into special prominence in Steve Jobs’ chart when we see that his personal planets Venus and Mars are woven into a T-square with the conjunction. Mars in Aries, with the strongest essential dignity in the chart, makes a superior square, telling us that his aggressive drive and passion for his own vision for the future would harness and dominate the gifts he gathered in the 11th house through friends. Venus in Capricorn opposes the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, forcing a balance between the watery inspiration of the conjunction and the practical, hardheaded reality of building a successful business. The Mars at the apex of the T-square reinforces the image of Steve Jobs straddling and leading both processes.

And to complete the dynamism of Steve Jobs’ Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, we find Neptune in Libra forming a grand cross with the T-square, all in the cardinal signs of the initiator, the one who lights the flame. Neptune brings in an element of spiritual inspiration and the ability to tap into an ethereal realm. Steve Jobs often claimed that many of his ideas for inventions for the future came to him when he was “dropping acid,” and spending time alone in a desert.

The Jupiter-Uranus aspect also created a kind of echo effect in Steve Jobs’ life, appearing in the sky at important turning points in his life. After founding Apple at the opposition in 1976, Jobs publicly and boldly predicted at the 1983 conjunction that they would develop a “great computer in a book that you can carry around with you” and, the kicker, that you will be “in communication with all the larger databases and other computers.” In 1989-90 at the opposition, he had been fired from Apple was developing NeXT and Pixar and was named “Entrepreneur of the Decade.”

At the next conjunction in 1997, Steve Jobs returned in triumph to lead Apple and bring them to soaring heights of productivity, inventiveness, and profitability. The opposition in 2003 saw Steve Jobs launching iTunes – and receiving a pancreatic cancer diagnosis, which he attempted to treat for months with his own diet rather than traditional medicine. At the following conjunction in 2011, Steve Jobs finally took a medical leave of absence and would eventually resign from Apple, making final appearances to unveil Apple’s cloud offering and to announce plans for Apple’s new “Spaceship” campus. He passed away in October 2011, reportedly saying as his last words, “Oh, Wow. Oh, Wow.” A man of wonder who created wonders, Steve Jobs lived the true pioneer and entrepreneurial energy of his Jupiter-Uranus dominated chart.


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