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Taylor Swift and a Powered-Up Mars in Scorpio

While exploring Venus in our charts helps us to discover what we want in life, learning how to work with and power up our Mars is imperative if we are going to get what we want. In The Inner Planets, Liz Greene and Howard Sasportas bring depth to the symbol of Mars in our charts. If we are consistently depressed, angry, frustrated, or just feeling like life is passing us by, an untapped – or overridden – Mars could tell us what we are missing. We may not always like or appreciate the more aggressive or self-serving elements within us, but letting things slide, saying yes when we mean no, missing 100% of the shots we fail to take all lead to a life less worthy than the one we were born to live.

I did not have to look far to find a public person who is living a powerfully realized Mars. Taylor Swift has made headlines around the world this past summer with her “Eras” tour, selling out massive stadiums and earning a billion dollars. With her Mars in its own sign of Scorpio, Taylor Swift delves deep into her emotional experiences to write songs which touch chords in the hearts of her fans. At concerts, thousands of fans sing with Taylor, every lyric as familiar and healing to them as they were to their writer. But fully living the energy of our Mars, Greene and Sasportas tell us, means facing opposition and defending our own values, symbolized by our Venus. With her Venus in Aquarius, Taylor would value her freedom and autonomy above all else. After learning that the songs on her early albums had been essentially stolen by the record company, Taylor cut ties with the company and forged her own recordings and re-released the albums, defying those who had take advantage of her when she was young and untested.

As transiting Pluto in Capricorn made a powerfully supportive sextile to Taylor Swift’s Mars, she planned and executed her Era’s tour, emerging strong and proud after a 5-year hiatus from the stage. She also emerged from a long, rather restrictive relationship and today is apparently dating someone very Martian himself, a dashing NFL player, whose Venus happens to exactly conjoin her vital and flourishing Mars. That the Universe is opening up this new pathway to feeling and intimacy is suggested by transiting Neptune at 26° of Pisces being in perfect trine to the conjunction of Taylor’s Mars and Travis Kelce’s Venus at 26° of Scorpio. Whatever the outcome of this relationship, we can rest assured that Taylor Swift will stay true to the lesson of her Scorpio Mars that we are happiest when we act from the true authentic needs of our heart.


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