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The More Solar Arcs the Merrier

Frank Clifford reminds us that, just as some years of our life are more pivotal than others, we may see in those years that a number of Solar Arc aspects are occurring. Before March of 2020, for example, Joe Biden was considered to be one of the weaker presidential candidates in the primary race. People through he was too old, irrelevant to the current climate, and no one likely to excite voters.

In March of 2020, however, Joe Biden won a sweep of primaries and emerged as the front runner. This about-turn and rise to prominence are evident in his Solar Arc directed chart. The Solar Arc Descendant-Uranus conjunction, his electrical connections to the public, squared his natal Mercury, the ruler of his Midheaven, jolting his ability to deliver his message to the world. The Solar Arc Saturn of control, limitation, and mastery squared his natal Venus, his popularity. Biden’s rise in the polls brought him vast numbers of strong opponents. And Solar Arc directed Pluto, which empowers, was squaring his Jupiter, his chart ruler, bringing into the light Joe Biden’s beliefs for the governing of the country.

Finally, note that Joe Biden’s Solar Arc Midheaven/IC is just 1 degree from his natal Saturn. On Inauguration Day, 2021, this aspect will perfect, as he assumes one of the most responsible positions in the world.


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