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The Princess of Wales Leaning Into her Cancer North Node

If you were born with the North Node in Cancer, Diane Ronngren writes in Lunar Nodes: Keys to Emotions and Life Experiences that you want to “create and manage a home.” The Capricorn South Node suggests that you push yourself to achieve and earn respect in the outer world, and this expectation may have been set in your early childhood. In the process of building a life with those you love, however, you can discover the self-respect you seek by finding the validation you seek in the hearts of those who cherish you for who you are.

Catherine, Princess of Wales (Kate Middleton) is a lovely example of this Cancerian nodal energy, especially when you consider that her role is to establish a home with the future King of England – and to also raise the son who will one day inherit his father’s title. The Capricorn South Node tells of Kate’s striving upper middle-class family. Kate’s history as a young person is one of many accomplishments, in school, sports, and in her early working life. Today, while she has earned the reputation as a hard-working royal, one can see from her glowing smile when she is with her young family that her truest sense of accomplishment begins at home.


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