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The Telling of a Full Moon Spelling

Full disclosure here: I had only the vaguest idea of who Tori Spelling is. I think I had seen her picture on tabloids as I stood in the grocery store check out line, and I wondered if she may have been the mean girl in one of my Christmas flick faves, “The Mistle-Tones.” I had every confidence, though, that Chelsea and her guest would bring Tori sharply and compassionately into focus when they discussed Tori’s memoir – and as usual, they did not disappoint. They gave human dimensions to this “poor little rich girl,” who from all appearances had all she needed to be happy but, it turns out, lacked the love and nurturing all children need to feel they are valued and at home in this world.

As I turned to Tori’s astrological chart, what most jumped out was that she was born just as a nearly full Moon was shining overhead. This Moon was in the sign of Scorpio, where the moon struggles to find the nurturing and care it needs. Because it so dominates her chart, this theme of lack is ongoing in her life, no matter how much she has. She is a Taurus Sun, which likes to build something stable and enduring, but this Scorpio moon opposing the Sun can drain away any sense of security she develops, and so she seeks even more. This insecurity was reinforced by losing the inheritance she expected from her father, and by struggling with a mother who was as withholding of her affection as she was of withholding financial support. Tori has said in interviews that she has a compulsion to buy real estate, often becoming over-extended, and it is remarkable that in building her family under financial constraints, she has chosen to have five children, possibly seeking from them the loving family she longed for as a child.

But this full Moon in Tori’s chart also brings benefits. Full Moon people are always noticed. It’s as if they have a spotlight shining on them in any walk of life they inhabit. Living in the world of celebrity culture from the time she was a child, Tori, without having any particular talent or graces, made her way onto a popular network TV show and did not wash out. While her father’s power and influence got her through the door, she has really never left the room ever since. Her Wikipedia page presents a non-stop list of projects, from acting to reality TV to doing voice-over work to podcasts and to writing books. She appreciates she has an audience and tells the stories from her life for them.

She also benefits from having Jupiter, the planet call “the Great Benefic” rising in her chart just as she was born. This gives her robust energy and, in the sign of Aquarius, Jupiter enhances her ability to make connections, build networks, and to keep moving forward. While she carries this inner struggle to feel loved and accepted with her always, Jupiter here expresses that she is a survivor, able to pick herself up and move into a happier future.

At this time, we are all experiencing a square between the planets Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus. This has been the prevailing dynamic from early 2021 through 2022. Saturn places restrictions on us and, in Aquarius, requires that we be responsible to those around us. Uranus demands freedom, and in the sign of Taurus, we want to live our lives on our own terms, with no one telling us what to do. If you think of all the issues we have been grappling with for the past two years, notice how many have at their core the conflict between the impulse for freedom and the need for responsibility. And this conflict has been ongoing in our own charts, affecting each of us in different areas of our lives.

In Tori’s chart, the tumult and struggle to break free has been in her home life, indicating that she is finding her living situation fraught with conflict when she longs for a peaceful family life. Reports indicate that she and her husband are living separately in their home and that they have been veering towards divorce. However, Saturn in Tori’s house is affecting her sense of identity, almost putting heavy hands on her shoulders and telling her that however much she wants to be free, she has responsibilities to provide for her children and that divorce would decimate their already strained finances. This conflict will be easing up for all of us as we move into the spring of 2023, so I am hopeful that she will become stable enough financially that she and her husband can separate and Tori can live the peaceful life a Taurus Sun craves.

As Chelsea and June indicated to us in their discussion of Tori’s memoir, we were dealing with a fairly entitled human being, one who was born into unimaginable wealth and privilege and yet complained that she never had enough, and one who did not always treat the people around her well. Yet, she is a human being who, like all of us, only needs to be loved. We don’t have to like someone to feel empathy for them, and I am grateful that astrology - and The Celebrity Book Club never fails to remind us of this.


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