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What do Solar Arcs Say About the Will Smith Slap?

When comparing the solar return chart to the natal chart, Clifford tells us to focus on the conjunctions, squares and oppositions as markers of a significant time of life. And the effect manifests most strongly when it is within 30’ on either side of an exact hit. On Oscar night 2022, for example, Will Smith had two Solar Arc directions affecting his Midheaven, which Clifford considers the “reputation, status, social/public success and persona.” As he was striding onto the stage to slap Chris Rock, his Solar Arc Jupiter was 14’ from forming as exact square to Will Smith’s Midheaven, bringing the energy of inflation and acting on one’s beliefs into sharp contrast with his reputation and public persona and status. As this aspect continues to perfect over the next few months, the fallout from his actions will likely continue.

Will Smith’s Solar Arc Midheaven was also forming a square to his natal Ascendant and Descendant on Oscar night, with his very public act creating a strong disconnect with the friendly guy identity (Gemini Ascendant) who treated others fairly (Sagittarius Descendant) he had projected throughout his career. Notice also that Will Smith’s Solar Arc Ascendant, after being in caring and low-key Cancer for the past 30 years, is now at 0° of Leo, feeling its oats in a sign that celebrates and displays the unique self.


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