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What was going on in January 2021?

After looking for planets/angles in the first or last degree of a sign, we can look at the exact hits we may be experiencing in a year – that is, when a Solar Arc Directed planet or angle conjoins a natal planet or angle. The Solar Arc directed planet/angle brings the energy, and the planet/angle being conjoined represents the area of our life being challenged to evolve. There are years when this may not occur at all, which gives added significance to the years when these conjunctions do occur.

An astrologer could have told Donald Trump that January of 2021 would be a turning point for him since he was undergoing two exact hits. Uranus, which Clifford identifies as shocking, splitting, reversing energy, is meeting the Ascendant, the point of identity. The shocking events of January 2021 did reflect the energy of someone fighting tooth and nail to retain his identity as president. And Solar Arc Saturn was also making a direct hit, to Donald Trump’s Neptune. As with Putin, Neptune could represent visions and illusions. Saturn, Clifford tells us could be limits, restrictions or controls. Donald Trump’s illusion that he would continue as president met reality when Joe Biden was sworn in as president.

And notice, from our earlier observation, that Solar Arc Uranus is in the 29th degree of Leo, showing an ego in total revolutionary mode.


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