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An avid student of astrology for many decades, I continue to be a lifelong learner and practice astrology in Gig Harbor, Washington. My passion is writing and talking about astrology at any given opportunity. I have published articles in The Mountain Astrologer and have spoken at the Washington State Astrological Association and appeared on the Stormie Grace YouTube show "Eat and Greet." I also write about astrology books on Facebook at Sally’s Astrology Book Club. I love to communicate with fellow astrology students and astrologers, and can be reached at


Please visit Stormie Grace's YouTube channel to hear my conversations with this amazing astrologer:


The Jupiter Saturn Conjunction:


Aspect Patterns:


Chart Interpretation Without Aspects


Looking Back at 2021:


You may also check out my December 2020 talk with the Washington State Astrological Association at

I have also published these articles in The Mountain Astrologer:

America's Sizzling Summer of 1946, The Magical Uranian Tour of Joan Rivers, and The Doomed Royal Romance of Princess Margaret:


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