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Charles E.O. Carter Meets the Chart of Adolf Hitler

In The Principles of Astrology, astrologer Charles E.O. Carter updated versions of his book through the mid-20th Century, bringing in knowledge which had been brought into the astrology community since the book was first published in 1925. In a later addition, he included the chart of Adolf Hitler, who had recently died by suicide after marrying Eva Braun. Carter focuses first on the chart’s ruler, Venus, in its own “negative” sign (earth and water are negative, and air and fire are positive) conjunct Mars in detriment. Both are square Saturn in detriment in Leo, which controls the chart from the 10th house, disposing both the Moon and Jupiter (which are in detriment and fall). “One may say,” Carter wrote, “that the native truly hated the planet that held him in its grip.” He stated that Saturn ruled his father, the Jews, and Russia. He terribly resented their control and raged against them.

Hitler’s early life is also ruled by Saturn, dispositor of the Moon and Jupiter, showing intense restriction being placed upon his natural longing to grow and develop. Mercury on the Descendant in opposition to Uranus indicates Hitler’s resistance to any opposition, with Uranus tending him towards the “neurotic.” The late degrees of the Libra Ascendant are also unfortunate because so much of Scorpio is brought into the first house, blending two deeply incompatible signs (emphasized as well by the Venus-Mars conjunction). This is someone who is always at war with himself, and who can project it onto the world around him.

Hitler’s rise and fall are predicted by the afflicted Saturn in his 10th house, in square to his chart’s ruler. The mystery around Hitler’s death is suggested by the Neptune-Pluto combination in the 8th house, while the ruler of the 8th and the ruler of the 10th in square suggest ending in “blood and ruin.” Venus near the 8th house cusp could indicate marriage at the time of death.

In looking for “destiny,” Carter advises us to look towards the progressions to the natal chart (he uses both primary and secondary), and how the transits affect them. Looking at the chart with the natal chart on the inner wheel, the secondary progressions on the date of Hitler’s death on the middle wheel, and the transits of the date of death on the outer wheel, we can see that malefic Saturn in the secondary progressed chart is now forming an exact square the Hitler’s chart ruler, Venus, which is conjunct the other malefic, Mars. He has brought about his own downfall by cultivating open enemies. Transiting Saturn is opposing the Capricorn Moon in detriment with Jupiter in fall, shutting down his desired end to make the world fulfill his own needs. Transiting Mercury and Venus are conjoined in Aries opposing his progressed Uranus in Libra, bringing an abrupt and shocking end to his fateful hold on the collective.

Given a better placement of the Moon and Jupiter, Carter believed, Hitler may have been a harmless idealist because his chart does show a certain brilliance of mind. But the stars only determine part of our nature, he writes, “It is only the part of Man that belongs to Nature which is susceptible to planetary effects, but ‘there is a principle of the Soul superior to Nature through which we are capable of surpassing the order and system of the world’ (Iamblichus).” But one has to choose to follow the soul’s path.


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