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Discovering Eris, Chapter One

The “Dwarf Planet” Eris, floating in the outer reaches of the solar system where Pluto resides, was discovered in 2005. In 2012, Keiron Le Grice, who had extensively studied archetypal astrology at the California Institute of Integral Studies with Richard Tarnas, wrote a book exploring the meaning of Eris based on its discovery at this particular moment in our planet’s history as well as through mythology and our psychological evolution as a species. Examining how the discovery of the outer planets correlated with times of human growth, Le Grice posits that the outer planets symbolize aspects of ourselves which lie deep within us – just as the outer planets are invisible to us – and these planets are discovered at times when what is unconscious within us emerges into our awareness and then is played out in the world of human striving and progress.


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