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Oprah and the Responsibility of a North Node in Capricorn

Diane Ronngren in Lunar Nodes: Keys to Emotions and Life Experiences writes that those with a North Node in Capricorn strive mightily for recognition and achievement in the outer world. If you were born with the South Node in Cancer, you may have experienced a feeling of being “less important” than those around you in your early years. Parents and family members could have been otherwise occupied with their lives, and you were expected to take responsibility for yourself. Growing up, you learned to excel in order to earn “validation, recognition, attention and praise.” Accepting responsibility became your path to a good life, as you understand that “love can be the reward for a responsibility accepted and carried out well.” In caring for others, you learn to care for yourself.

Oprah Winfrey, born with her South Node in Cancer, suffered in her early childhood as the daughter of an impoverished teenage mother whose struggle just to survive left Oprah to negotiate on her own the perils of poverty, neglect, and abuse. It was only after Oprah was sent to live with her father as a teenager that she was well-parented and had expectations put on her to succeed – which she did to the fullest. She became an honors student, won awards for her oratory, excelled in college and eventually launched her career in media. Each success became a stepping stone to a higher achievement. True to her Capricorn North Node, Oprah offers as her basic philosophy that we are each responsible for our own life, that giving our best to each moment puts us in place for success in the next moment, and that being free to choose our own path is a sacred privilege.


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